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A retainer agreement with USDLaw guarantees you will not incur crippling legal expenses if forced to defend yourself and your family.

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Established in Virginia, initially as VSDLaw, PLC, our firm's partners bring a broad range of expertise to our practice, including extensive trial experience in both defense and prosecution of cases, public policy and legislative experience, and Constitutional cases in the highest courts of Virginia and the US. Observing firsthand that citizens' rights to self defense and use of firearms for protection are increasingly under assault in the courts, USDLaw's partners recognized an urgent need for a specialty self defense law firm. They came together in 2014 with the purpose of defending those who defend themselves through our unique retainer agreement plan.

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Ken Cuccinelli
Graven Craig
Torrey Williams

USDLaw's practice was expanded to neighboring West Virginia in 2015. We are pleased to announce the addition of three experienced trial attorneys to our team. This means that Virginia clients can now add optional West Virginia coverage to their retainer agreements, and that West Virginia residents share the same options for retainers in both states.

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John Treadway
Jefferey S. Bowers
J. Stuart Bowers II
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Your first concern should be protecting your home and family. Let us help.

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