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Conceal Carry Bills Awaiting VA Governor’s Signature

March 8, 2017

At the end of February the Virginia State Senate passed some important legislation which relates to conceal carry rights in Virginia. The bills are waiting for Governor Terry McAuliffe to take action, either by signing them into law or by vetoing the bills.

Gun Safety Classes for Abuse Victims

Bill SB1300 is meant to assist victims of abuse with attending gun safety training, possibly as a first step in obtaining a concealed carry permit for self-defense. SB 1299 creates the Virginia Firearms Safety and Training for Sexual and Domestic Violence Victims Fund, which is meant to reimburse trainers for offering gun safety courses free of charge to victims of abuse. The bill also requires that when a person successfully petitions for a protective order, that person is provided with a list of gun safety classes which would be offered for free under this fund.

Conceal Carry and Protective Orders

Bill SB1299 allows for an adult, who is protected by a protective order, to carry a concealed hand gun for 45 days after a protective order is issued. The bill requires that the person be 21 years or older and be legally allowed to possess a gun. If a person applies for a concealed carry permit before the 45 days are up they may carry for an additional 45 days and use a certified copy of the application as de facto conceal carry permit.

Conceal Carry Holder’s Information Not to be Shared

Bill SB1023 Prohibits State Police from sharing the information with Virginia concealed handgun permits with other states that do not recognize Virginia’s conceal carry permits. The State Police will maintain a list on their website providing information on which states recognize Virginia conceal carry permits.

Each of these bills would be a positive step for conceal carry rights in the state of Virginia. Governor Terry McAuliffe has not yet responded to the legislation. Both Bills 1300 and 1299 have a deadline of March 27th for the governor to respond.