Instructor and StudentEducation and training play a key role in responsible gun ownership and effective self defense. For this reason, USDLaw works closely with the instructor communities in Virginia and West Virginia. As a service to our clients and visitors, we have placed instructor information here on our site to assist in finding qualified local training. Placement of instructor or school information does not imply direct USDLaw endorsement of any specific provider. Instructor information is displayed on the All Related People and Groups page of our site.

In addition, many other resources exist for instructor referral, such as the NRA, VSSA, VCDL, local gun clubs, gun stores, and law enforcement agencies. There are qualified self defense instructors in most communities throughout our areas of practice.

Attention Firearms Instructors

As a service to our clients and visitors, USDLaw provides information about instructors and schools in our service area. If your company provides instruction for gun owners in West Virginia or Virginia, let's have a conversation about partnering to get information to those who would benefit. Click to get in touch and we will contact you or your representative.