Ken Cuccinelli

Founding Parter and Attorney

As the former Attorney General of Virginia, Ken served as the last line of defense against many of the federal government’s attempts to overreach its Constitutional powers. He was the first state attorney general to challenge Obamacare and he successfully defended Virginia property owners from the E.P.A. Ken also served for eight years in the Virginia State Senate, where he was the leading advocate for 2nd Amendment rights, despite being a senator from liberal-leaning Fairfax County. As a private attorney, Ken is currently serving as lead counsel in a class action suit against the N.S.A.’s tracking of phone calls of American citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Ken has over twenty years of experience as a litigator.

Ken is an avid skeet shooter and hunter. Ken is an engineering graduate of the University of Virginia; a graduate of GMU Law School where he was on law review and chaired the honor committee; and Ken has a Masters degree in International Transactions from the GMU School of Public Policy.

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